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Nursing: Communication Skills in Practice (Prepare for Practice)

Wednesday, 06 December 2023

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Editor: Lucy Webb

The book is divided into 3 parts, the first being concerned with the theories of communication, the second, the application of communication skills in nursing and the third, advancing application of communication skills. Each chapter starts by laying out its aims.

In part 1 theories such as Transactional Analysis and Peplau’s model of the nurse-patient relationship are explored. I like the way that communication in itself is described as a beneficial and therapeutic intervention as well as a vehicle for good care. There is a chapter devoted to the nurse-patient relationship in self-awareness, empathy, trust, non-judgemental relating, genuineness, authenticity and boundaries. In a chapter devoted to team work issues such as conformity and identity, group dynamics and structures are explained which are invaluable to student nurses who are frequently joining established teams.

In part 2 theory to practice is discussed and tackles for example, cultural differences, facilitating informed consent, dealing with aggression and health promotion communication techniques. I think student nurses will particularly enjoy the chapter on professional communication skills for student survival which gives advice on writing in clinical practice, academic writing and surviving presentations.

Challenges to communication in acute care are presented in part 3 and include, for example, impaired ability to communicate and communicating in emergency situations. I particularly like the video from a dementia nurse specialist* which gives a real insight into the challenges of communicating with dementia patients whilst giving practical techniques and tips for doing so. Communicating with children and young people, patients with long-term health needs and during bereavement are explained in a clear, thoughtful way.

Personal and professional development is also covered and includes the student-mentor relationship, reflective practice and clinical supervision. This book is an inter-active book that is sure to engage the reader. I am happy to recommend this book to student nurses and would be also be relevant for any healthcare workers with an interest in communication.

*This video can be found online along with a number of other helpful videos and resources that accompany the book. Alternatively they can be downloaded for viewing offline. A username and password are required and these are provided at the beginning of the book on the Online Resources Centre page.


ISBN-10: 0199582723
ISBN-13: 978-0199582723


Oxford University Press; 1st edition (2011)


329 pages


Debra Larsen RGN, ONC, DHSM, BSc (Hons)
Matron in trauma and orthopaedics

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