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Career History Guidelines

Wednesday, 06 December 2023

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Guidelines for “After I Qualified....”

This section is intended to provide anecdotal careers advice

It is aimed at people considering Nursing as a career choice; or for nurses who may be looking for ideas about how to cope with disillusion at the current state of affairs in the NHS; or who may even have been one of the nurses affected by redundancy or the ongoing cost cutting measures.

Each of the authors simply describes what happened to them after they qualified and how they feel about the choices they made and opportunities taken or missed.

This should be written in a fairly informal style. Please see the examples for guidance on typical content and style. If you think you would be interested to provide information about your career for others to read please contact me.

Please email your articles for review to:


Please list all your qualifications


List the jobs you have had since you qualified as a nurse

My Career

Write an informal summary of your career focusing on parts you think are important to you and that other people might find helpful or entertaining.
(Aim to keep the length of this section to between 800 -1200 words)

What would I have done differently?

Identify anything that you would change about your career if you had known at the time what you know now?

What advice would you offer?

Have you got any words of wisdom that you can pass on to other nurses?

Who offered you the best career advice... and did you take it?

Do you remember anyone offering you good advice about your career and did you take it?

What have you liked least about your working life?

What is the worst thing you have found about your career so far?

What have you enjoyed most?

What has been the best thing about your career so far?

Useful websites

List three of your favourite websites, (these don't have to be nursing related), and say why you like them.

Further Information

Any contact details you wish to provide (these will be available to everyone who visits the website). This section can also include a link to your current workplace website.


Brief summary paragraph as an introduction - about 80 words. You can suggest your own or we can create one for you.
Example Career Histories >>>

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